Friday, February 8, 2013

More Fog

Can you believe we are back to freezing fog?

I have my containers for peas and the dirt to plant them in.  My aunt came over this week and we discussed a good place for them to grow.  For now they will be placed by the house where they can get most sun but I may be able to grow more later in the season by moving the containers to a much shadier spot but still by a warm building.

I hope to share pics of the after plantings later.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh the colors!

Oh Ive got my want on bad!  Ive had the Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator on my oh-gotta-have list for a while.  Then blog surfing this morning and someone pointed out that Excalibur had a glorious 5-tray in red.  Oh my!!

5-Tray Radiant Cherry Excalibur w/Timer

Then I I went to check out their site and found that yes, they do have the 9-tray also in red!

9-Tray Radiant Cherry Excalibur w/Timer

Of course the difference between the normal (black) and the new colors is about $100 and nothing to sneeze at I do love the color!

Spring Peas

Im planning on getting a crop or two of spring peas planted this coming weekend.  I think all I need are some buckets, but may be able to just use the containers Ive got and not have to spend any $$.  That would be a bonus.  My MIL gave me some containers last year that large bushes came in for her landscaping.  They should be large enough to handle at least two pea plants a piece.  My thought is to plant two this weekend and two next weekend and so on for the next month with the hopes of a nice continuous harvest of eatable peas for late spring/early summer.