Thursday, January 23, 2014


And the season has started! The greenhouse and seeds have been ordered and I will be working out the planting schedule and how best to get seeds started.  Brain plan is to get most of the early spring crops started as soon as possible (peas, chard, spinach and whatever else we have) so we can have an early crop and then get the tomatoes, tomatillo, sweet peppers, bell peppers and all the rest started and the garden ready for planting.

Im on the lookout for organic or non-treated straw bales to use as a border (raised bed) that we will have planting soil in the middle.  The thought is this will be much cheaper than a bunch of lumber normally used for raised beds.  I also want a few strictly for growing squash, no dirt between, just prep the bale, plant the seeds, water and watch them grow.  Ive read in a few places that bales are a great growing medium for squash and as we had issues last year Im up for trying something different.