Monday, April 22, 2013

Plants are in

The strawberries are in.  The first 10 at least.  Im hoping to get maybe a few more.  The 10 I got almost filled the place I had for them, two more would complete the area.  To many more may not grow too well.  I don’t want them too crowded.


Cleaned up

Ready to plant

z All Done

if you look closely, you can see the beginnings of a few strawberries

Monday, April 8, 2013

Worth 1000

Pictures taken around the house during planting months are such a help when thinking about where to plant what when the time comes.

Last summer I took pictures throughout the day on a wonderful sunny early July day. I attempted to take pictures every 4 hrs so I could see where the sun was and be able to add up total sun hrs for various locations.

Unfortunately July is all I got and I blew off getting any pictures for the remaining of the year.  Adding to this, with the removal of all the blackberry canes, I have much more light to areas that were either inaccessible or too covered for planting.

I am lying in wait now for sunny days where I am able to capture sun in the yard.  This year Im hoping to get days in each month from April to Oct.  This way when planning gardening spots next year I am more prepared.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finally Planting

Home Depot has a wonderful sale going on this week, Bonnie garden plants 5/$10 so with fresh home grown strawberries in mind, I nabbed 10.

We have a wonderful high raised garden bed just outside the kitchen that we grew a small patch of edibles last year that will be perfect for berries.

While I have grander plans for strawberries that includes building of gutters into elaborate shapes it just isnt in the budget this year.

Neither is straw gardens or the “perfect” raised bed so along with the strawberries I got some garden landscape timber (also on sale at Home Depot) and compost to liven up the dirt.

Today will be spent getting fingers dirty, garden areas figured out for this year, strawberries planted and starters started.